Wednesday, January 7, 2015

a minute for places

well, i finally thought of my project for documenting my year: #placesof2015

inspired by a beautiful black and white photo my friend kristy showed me of her hike in the woods this morning, i decided to capture one place each week for 2015-- 52 places by the end of the year. this seems more accomplishable than doing something every day, and i can still begin without being behind since it's just now the first whole week of the year!

i think every one of them will be a black and white photo, but it's not a hard and fast rule.

so, here's the first one: my desk with some of my favorite things in my office

  • my manatea in my crazy lady mug-- making it look like a can can dancer (my grandmother gave me this mug for one of my 12 days of christmas, and i treasure it now that's she's gone. it's so wacky.)
  • my note to myself (not pictured: my fortune at the top of the monitor reading "do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.) 
  • a made up business card from our production of Our Town earlier this year
  • covered but still there is a happy birthday note from jill and claire (from my 25th birthday!)
  • my mug of sAnd, complete with long wharf logo) 
  • the super awesome wooden puzzle of La Grande Jatte (my absolute favorite) barbara gave me for christmas (the puzzle has no corner pieces!) 
  • the brainstorms for my riff on Alice in Wonderland for this year's meadowside residency (should i throw in a copyright on my ideas clause here?)   
  • my beautiful wooden desk and part of my keyboard
here's to 51 more places to document! happy 2015, everyone... 

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