Friday, January 16, 2015

a minute for places 2

this week, my place is my bed.

here is my view from tuesday morning. i have had a lot of trouble getting up out of bed this week.

perhaps it is because we are in the season of hibernation,
but on tuesday, i was also struck with this thought:

i love my self the most right before i leave my bed in the morning.
i am completely new, full of hope and able to set new intentions for the day ahead.
i am not weighed down my gravity or the trails of the day.
i am warm. i am comfortable in my own skin. i am attuned to my body.
i am surrounded by the warmth and love of my two dogs.
i am at peace.

it is much different from getting into bed at night when i am weighed down and feel like collapsing into a bed that is holding me up.
in the morning, i feel as if i as truly resting on my bed.
ready to pounce.
after five more minutes of snoozing...

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