Friday, January 16, 2015

a minute for places 2

this week, my place is my bed.

here is my view from tuesday morning. i have had a lot of trouble getting up out of bed this week.

perhaps it is because we are in the season of hibernation,
but on tuesday, i was also struck with this thought:

i love my self the most right before i leave my bed in the morning.
i am completely new, full of hope and able to set new intentions for the day ahead.
i am not weighed down my gravity or the trails of the day.
i am warm. i am comfortable in my own skin. i am attuned to my body.
i am surrounded by the warmth and love of my two dogs.
i am at peace.

it is much different from getting into bed at night when i am weighed down and feel like collapsing into a bed that is holding me up.
in the morning, i feel as if i as truly resting on my bed.
ready to pounce.
after five more minutes of snoozing...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

a minute for places

well, i finally thought of my project for documenting my year: #placesof2015

inspired by a beautiful black and white photo my friend kristy showed me of her hike in the woods this morning, i decided to capture one place each week for 2015-- 52 places by the end of the year. this seems more accomplishable than doing something every day, and i can still begin without being behind since it's just now the first whole week of the year!

i think every one of them will be a black and white photo, but it's not a hard and fast rule.

so, here's the first one: my desk with some of my favorite things in my office

  • my manatea in my crazy lady mug-- making it look like a can can dancer (my grandmother gave me this mug for one of my 12 days of christmas, and i treasure it now that's she's gone. it's so wacky.)
  • my note to myself (not pictured: my fortune at the top of the monitor reading "do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.) 
  • a made up business card from our production of Our Town earlier this year
  • covered but still there is a happy birthday note from jill and claire (from my 25th birthday!)
  • my mug of sAnd, complete with long wharf logo) 
  • the super awesome wooden puzzle of La Grande Jatte (my absolute favorite) barbara gave me for christmas (the puzzle has no corner pieces!) 
  • the brainstorms for my riff on Alice in Wonderland for this year's meadowside residency (should i throw in a copyright on my ideas clause here?)   
  • my beautiful wooden desk and part of my keyboard
here's to 51 more places to document! happy 2015, everyone... 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

a minute for waiting

emergency rooms are one of the most frustrating places in the world. no one ever wants to be there (although, an old boyfriend and i used to joke we went on bi-annual dates there: once for pneumonia and once for a slashed wrist). i certainly did not plan on spending 2 hours of my Sunday in one.

but they do provide a great place for waiting. everyone is waiting. waiting impatiently. waiting with angst-- angst, angst, angst. waiting, waiting, waiting... for her name to be called so she can move forward, or get something fixed, or just be seen.

and as i sat there, i realized i was also waiting, although i wasn't quite sure for what...
in a way, i fear that i am waiting for the life i want my life to become to start... and i'm afraid to make the move (literal and figurative) to start it. yet.

i'm very good at making excuses.
so, i sat there in the emergency room making excuses to myself (in my head, of course).
and i've spent the other half of the day being frustrated at choices others have made for me.

it's the fear of the shock that holds you back. ultimately, the only thing you're worried about is the transition from one state to another and that can't hurt you because it's just a state change. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

a minute for hover boards

it's that time of year again, the time when we reflect on everything that has happened to us in the past year and make resolutions or forecasts on what the new year will bring...

and this year, i'm not sure i'm up for reflecting (although, boy, have i done pleeeenty of that inside my head)

or resoluting (is that even a word? it definitely sounds more fun thank making resolutions. it should be resolving. but maybe i'll make resoluting a thing.)

2014 was definitely a mixed bag of a year for me, with a very rocky end. for some of my friends, it was much worse. so, i'm quite looking forward to 2015 (get on out of here, 2014!)

perhaps this year i will actually be consistent in my blogging (ha!)
---or take up journaling---

perhaps 2015 will be the year of following through and forming habits (they say it takes only 30 days). maybe i should make my own 30 day challenge... hmmm... maybe later...

but 2015 is definitely the year of the hover board. and since the hover board hasn't been distributed to the masses (although #hulkhusband says it has been made and tested), i have to think of other ways to fly...

which of course leads me to happy thoughts.

what are your happy thoughts going into 2015? 

and how do we save up our happy thoughts to power our hover boards so that we are all flying by October? 

i think i'm going to record mine in my journal. i'll let you know how it goes.